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History of Berks, Bucks & Oxfordshire Incorporated Law Society

The Society was founded and incorporated on 29th April 1889 with the object of “sustaining the character of the legal profession by pursuing and encouraging an honourable course of practice”.  Since then it has continued to promote the interests of the profession throughout Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire and to represent and support its members.  Milton Keynes, having previously been an independent Law Society, has been part of BB&O since 2000.

The Society has been proud to provide some of the first solicitor Judges, a President of the Law Society and numerous Council Members of that Society.  It was a founding member of the Southern Area Association of Law Societies (founded over 60 years ago primarily to oversee the introduction of the Legal Aid Scheme) but now a very influential group of 8 local Law Societies.  BB&O has provided both President and Secretary of the Southern Area in the past.

Amongst other achievements we promoted the introduction of some of the first voluntary Duty Solicitor Schemes (Reading & Banbury) in the late 1970s - long before the introduction of the statutory scheme and continue to be a staunch supporter and defender of the Legal Aid scheme.

We encouraged the formation of an early Young Solicitors Group (now known as the Junior Lawyers Division) as well as Local Associations in Berkshire, Oxford & District and Milton Keynes.

Importantly for members we have an active and wide ranging educational programme including regular lectures and seminars. We maintain close contact with the Law Society, through our Council Members, to ensure that the views of our members are put forward.  We regularly contribute to wider debates and consultations on matters affecting the profession or the public interest.